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The Town of Frankfort is a rural community in Pepin County nestled along the Chippewa River and just a few miles from the Mississippi River; our main occupation is agriculture.
The Town Hall is located at W7804 County Road SS, Arkansaw, WI.  54759.  The Town Hall is not occupied except for scheduled meetings and elections.

If you want to register to vote, you can do so with the Town Clerk or with the County Clerk.  You can also go to the Election Tab on this web site and download the registration form and register by mail.  If you register by mail please provide proof of residence.


The regular monthly Board Meeting for the Town of Frankfort will be held Tuesday, December 10, 2019, at 6:30 p.m., in the Frankfort Town Hall.
1. Minutes
2. Financial Report
3. Citizens’ Concerns
4. Discuss and Vote - Conditional Use Permit Request - Richard/Jessica Bignell
5. Report on Other Meetings Attended
6. Road Reports
7. Liquor License Ordinance Draft
8. Assessor Contract Renewal
9. Building Inspector Contract Renewal
10. Command Central Hardware Maintenance Agreement
11. Durand Ambulance Contract
12. Appoint Election Inspectors for 2020-2021
13. Board of Adjustment Appointment
14.Set Caucus Date
15. Pay bills
Action may be taken on any agenda item
Maureen Manore, Clerk

Updated 12-6-2019

TOWN OF FRANKFORT PLAN COMMISSION plans to meet in early March of 2020. The date will be posted when set A quorum of Town Board Officers may be present, but no Town Board business will take place.
Public is welcome.
1. Approve Minutes - 12-3-2019
2. Review Comprehensive
3. Future Meeting Dates and Agenda
Action may be taken on any agenda item
Maureen Manore, Clerk
Updated 12-6-2019