7#  ))))) 3 ===== ]]]S]Q  MINUTES ARE NOT OFFICIAL UNTIL APPROVED AT THE NEXT MEETING Town of Frankfort Plan Commission 9/17/08 Minutes The Town of Frankfort Plan Commission held its 43rd meeting September 17, 2008. Commission Chairwoman Maureen Manore called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Present were Manore; vice chairwoman Becky Gates; secretary Bryce Black; and commission members Mike Roberts, Denny Wentworth, Brian Bee and Donna Gates. Alternate Curt Stine was also present Absent were alternates Denny Richardson and Sally Baecker. 1. Minutes from previous meeting Black read the minutes from the July plan commission meeting. B. Gates moved to approve the minutes as read. The motion was seconded by Bee and approved unanimously. 2. Citizen concerns None to report. 3. Sesquicentennial planning Stine and Wentworth reported on plans developed by the Sesquicentennial planning committee. On October 10 & 11, Wentworth will offer tours of two authentically restored log cabins on his property, which were originally constructed in approximately the era of the Town's founding. Printed copies of the Town history written by D. Gates will be made available. Stine reported that Terry Mesch had offered to assist with sending out press releases for the event. 4. Related events Manore passed out a flyer for a seminar titled Groundwater Protection 101, to be held 9/18 in the Pepin County Government Center. 5. Subdivision Ordinance Manore handed out copies of a sample subdivision ordinance developed by the Wisconsin Towns Association. At next month's meeting we will discuss whether the Town should adopt some or all of the provisions in the sample ordinance. 6. Comprehensive Plan Chapters 1-6 Commission members and alternates had received printed copies of a proposed final draft of all twelve chapters of our comprehensive plan. We carefully went through the first six chapters of the plan, and made some final editing suggestions. The Commission approved official acceptance of the first six chapters, incorporating these final editing changes, as follows. Chapter 1: Introduction. Wentworth moved to accept, seconded by B. Gates. Unanimously approved. Chapter 2: Planning Issues and Opportunities. Bee moved to accept, seconded by Roberts. Unanimously approved. Chapter 3: Physical Features and Natural Resources. Black moved to accept, seconded by D. Gates. Unanimously approved. Chapter 4: Socio-Economic Profile. Wentworth moved to accept, seconded by B. Gates. Unanimously approved. Chapter 5: Housing. B. Gates moved to accept, seconded by Bee. Unanimously approved. Chapter 6: Transportation. Bee moved to accept, seconded by Roberts. Unanimously approved. 7. Upcoming meetings/events The next Plan Commisssion meeting will be 10/2/08 at 7:30 p.m. The agenda will include review and approval of the proposed final draft of chapters 7-12. 8. Adjournment D. Gates moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Roberts. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM. Respectfully submitted, Bryce Black, Recording Secretary h<^.{{ x / = 0P<=_op /z{z{   r s Y Z   w x . / > 5     =/xxQ;MINUTES ARE NOT OFFICIAL UNTIL APPROVED AT THE NEXT MEETINGMaureen EubanksTimes New RomanTimes New York2Times New Roman CE3Times New Roman Cyr5Times New Roman Greek6Times New Roman Tur7Times New Roman (Hebrew)8Times New Roman (Arabic)9Times New Roman BalticRTimes CES Times CyrU Times GreekV Times TurWTimes (Hebrew)XTimes (Arabic)Y Times Baltic