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Here is a listing of permits that are available and the contact information.

Dog Tags

All dogs in the township of Frankfort must be licensed and vaccinated.  To obtain the necessary permit, contact Tina Bee, email at

County Permits needed;

- Septic
- Driveway
- Fire Number

Ordinance for Adoption of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code 2012-4

"No person shall build, add onto or alter any dwelling inexcess of $10,000.00 or 400 square feet.... without first obtaining a building permit for such work from the building inspector."
The current building inspector for the Town of Frankfort is Fred Weber Inspections Phone-715-556-0066

All new houses or dwellings will require a Building Permit.
Any alterations or additions to existing dwellings that will exceed $10,000.00 will also need a Building Permit.
Reroofing, residing, finishing or interior surfaces and installation of cabinetry are exempt from permit requirements.

Xcel Enegry requires the proper inspection paperwork before a crew is sent out to set meters. Forms can be found at their website. For more information call 1-800-628-2121.

Wisconsin Division of Safety and Buildings email link

Xcel Energy

Highway Access Permit

-- Effective 1 May, 2006, you need to fill out this permit application and have it approved before you can access a Town Road

Town Road Access Permit Application

Before building or expanding on your property, please submit a Zoning Acknowledgement Form to the Town Clerk.

Zoning Acknowledgement Form

Proposed 2018 Budget Summary

Notice is hereby given that the next regular monthly meeting of the Town Board is set for March 13, 2018, 6:30 p.m. at the Frankfort Town Hall
1. Minutes
2. Financial Report
3. Citizen's Concerns
4. Update on Request for Transfer of Liquor License to Town of Pepin - Hidden Meadow and Barn
5. Mining Agreement Report
6. Report on Other Meetings Attended
7. Randy Nelson Estate - Delinquent Personal Property
8. Road Reports
9. Town Garage Maintenance
10. Cemetery Ordinance Review and Possible Adoption
11. Durand Ambulance Contract
12. Pepin Ambulance Contract
13. Set Board of Review Date
14. Pay Bills
Action may be taken on any agenda item
Maureen Manore, Clerk
PLAN COMMISSION meeting has not been set.