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Town of Frankfort Code of Ordinances updated 5-2017

Resolution 2021-1R (link to Pepin County Frankfort page.)

Zoning Ordinance Amendment 2020

Tobacco Retail License 2020-3

Provisional Liquor License Ordinance 2020-2

Liquor License Fee Ordinance 2020-1

All Terrain and Utility Vehicle Use on Town Roads Ordinance 2019-1

Ordinance Adopting Emergency Service Protection Charges 2009-1

Highway Access Ordinance, 2005-3

Building Information Permit Ordinance, 2005-2

Citation Ordinance 2006-1

Outdoor Burning Permit

Comprehensive Plan Ordinance 2011-1

Interim Zoning 2011-2

Resolution to Adopt Grievance Procedure 2011

Resolution Adopting Pepin County Moratorium 2012-1

Nonmetallic Mining Operator's License Ordinance 2012-1

Schedule of Changes to Operator's License Ordinance

Nonmetallic Mining Operator's License Ordinance Amended 4-2014

Resolution 2012-2 Establishing Town Fee Schedule for Nonmetallic Operator's License Ordinance

Resolution 2012-3Amending Town Citation Ordinance

Ordinance 2012-3 to Create a Five Member Board

Resolution 2012-4 Approving Pepin County Ordinance NO. 181 First Amendment

Ordinance 2012-4 for Adoption of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code

Ordinance 2013-1 to Extend Town Officer Term

Resolution No. 2013-1 to Adopt Second Amendment to Pepin County Ordinance 181

Resolution No. 2013-2 By Plan Commission to Recommend Adoption of the Amended Comprehensive Plan

Resolution 2013-3, Resolution by Plan Commission to Recommend Adoption of the Amended Comprehensive Plan

District Map

Floodplain Map

Steep Slope Map

Karst Area Map

Ordinance to Amend the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Frankfort, NO. 2013-2

Resolution 2013-4R Resolution by th Plan Commission to Recommend Adoption of the Zoning Ordinance

2013-3 Town of Frankfort Zoning Ordinance

2013-7R Resolution Enacting Town Zoning

2013-6R Resolution Amending Town Citation Ordinance

2013-5R Resolution Establishing Fee Schedule

2013-8R Opposing SB 349 Relating to Regulation of Nonmetallic Mining

Citation Ordinance Amendment #3

Resolution 2014-1R, to repeal Building Information Ordinance

Resolution 2014-2R in opposition to SB 632 and AB 816

Resolution 2014-3R Telecommunications

Ordinance 2014-2 Plan Commission Ordinance

Resolution 2014-5-R WTA Request to Oppse the Diminishing Asset Rule

Resolution 2015-1R Opposing Elimination of Town Assessment

2015-1 Public Records Ordinance

Notice of Public Records Access

2016-1 Amendment to Plan Commission Ordinance

2016-1R Resolution Declaring Emergency

Ordinance 2017-1 Amending Chapter 3.1 of the Code of Ordinances - Emergency Service Protection Charges

2017-1R Authorizing Fence Viewers Fees

2017-2R Mileage Reimbursement

2018-1 Cemetery Ordinance and Resolution

2018-1R Fix-it Transportation Resolution

2018R Durand Rural Fire Department By-Laws Resolution

2019 1R Little Plum Lutheran Cemetery

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Town of Frankfort